Swimming Lessons
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Our swimming lessons are based on the levels and philosophies developed by the American Red Cross. We work at a comfortable pace for the child, setting attainable goals to build their confidence. With patience and persistence we convince our students to faces any fears by choice.
30 min
60 min
Travel fees may apply to some areas
Most children can last through a 30 minute private lesson in a properly heated pool. The 60 minute lesson is designed for multiple children to take their lessons back to back. If you would like to organize a semi-private lesson (more then one child taking a lesson at the same time) simply add $10 to the normal lesson price per child (great deal for neighbors who want to split the cost)!

"Parent & Me" Classes
Classes designed for little swimmers

"Parent & Me" classes (often called "Mommy & Me") are a great way to introduce children ages 6 months to 2 years to swimming. Our instructor leads fun games and activities designed to start teaching your child basic aquatic skills and water comfort. Adults get in the water with the children and take part in the fun as well. It is a great way to bond with little ones!

Each "Parent & Me" class lasts 30 minutes. The cost is $50 and up to 5 adults can attend with one child each. There MUST be an adult attending for each child. The pool must also be heated for the health of very young children.

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