Level One
Introduction to Water Skills
Starfish & Sea Horse

The objective of Level 1 is to help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. In Level 1 we teach elementary aquatic skills which students build on as they progress through the more advanced levels. Students work on beginning breath control, submerging their face and eventually their head, basic body coordination, floating with assistance and learning water safety. Students who have had pleasant water experiences often complete this Level quickly.

At Starfish Swim School we have split Red Cross Level 1 into two groups; Starfish and Sea Horse. Starfish are just beginning in Level 1 and Sea Horses are working towards entering Level 2. During the early Levels this gives the students a sense of accomplishment as they see themselves progressing to another "Starfish Level".

Students are tested during their first lesson and placed in the appropriate Level. At the completion of each "Starfish Level" the student receives a Certificate of Achievement.

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