Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child cry?

Crying is a normal response for young children and will stop as they grow more comfortable. Give the child a chance to bond with his/her teacher. If you are worried and waiting for them to get upset, then your child will sense it and become stressed as well. The best way for you to put your child at ease is by acting relaxed and showing that you trust the instructor.

How do I prepare for a lesson?

The child needs to be ready and in their bathing suit when the instructor arrives. It is usually a good idea to take them to the bathroom before their lesson. If they are still potty training please make sure they are in "swimmers" or another form of water safe training pants. Goggles are optional. Please clear the pool area of as many distractions as possible (large toys, pets, etc.) and make sure the pool water is at the proper temperature and chemical levels for swimming.

Can I leave during the lesson?

There must be a parent/guardian on the premises at all times during a swim lesson. If we are using a community pool then one must be present on the pool deck.

What if we miss a lesson?

24 hours notice is required for you to reschedule a lesson for any reason, otherwise the class cannot be rescheduled. If the instructor cancels a class then the class will be rescheduled at no additional cost to you. PLEASE NOTE: We still swim on cloudy days!

How long does it take for a child to learn to swim?

Each child comes to us with a different set of factors that can affect their progress. We work with your child building their confidence and ability at a pace that makes them comfortable. We never physically force a child to do something that makes them uncomfortable. Patience and persistence can make learning to swim a rewarding experience for your child! You are always welcome to observe our lessons and inquire about their progress.

How do I pay for swimming lessons?

We accept cash or a personal check made out to the instructor. Payment for the first month is due at the time of the first lesson. We also require that you sign an agreement before the first lesson can take place.

If you have any other questions please contact us!
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